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Why Muskoka shops at Knapp's

Our family owned business has adapted to trends over the last 60 years, but have never deviated from furniture and appliances, or the importance of selling quality products.

  1. Personalized Customer Service

    At Knapp’s Furniture we’re aware of the importance of customer service.  We’re consumers too!  We know the importance of that feeling when you walk into our shop and we greet you by name.  Our community is the life blood of our business.

    We like to take a little time to make a personal connection with all our customers.  We build our customer base one relationship at a time.

    Knapp’s Gravenhurst Furniture is a fun place to shop and it’s earned its reputation of being honest and reliable while always delivering a good quality product. No pressure, no hype, just good service!

  2. Same Prices as the "Big Box Stores"

    Price is usually the biggest factor when choosing where to shop these days.  Adding to the benefit of our friendly small town customer service – we can assure you that all our major appliances are the same prices as the big box stores.  We follow the same sales structure they do. Product prices are generally set by the manufacturer.

  3. Free Delivery

    We offer Free delivery within the area.  We can usually have your product in your home within 48 hours.  We do deliver to outlying areas and cottages that have water access as well – We can provide you with costs at the time if your home is not in our normal delivery area.

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